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About Us  .  .  .

Brotherhood is a church intrenched in a tradition of praise and worship. 

Built in 1922 this church is rooted in the concept of love, the teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, compassion and forgiveness as what was demonstrated by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  If you are looking for a place to work out your soul's salvation, please accept this warm invitation to come and join us.  We are a small church with a big heart.

A branch of Brotherhood is Brotherhood Community Ministries.  Within the scope of BCM, there is the Food Pantry open on Tuesdays only at 11:00 am-Preschool and Summer Day Camp.  Check out photos of the Preschool and Summer Day Camp by clicking on the picture gallery.



"Yesterday there was grief,
Today there is hope,
Tomorrow anything is possible"

Want to learn more about the presbyterian faith?  Go to  www.pcusa.org

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